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Listening - do more of it!

  • Listening: whose job is it anyway?

  • Understanding why active listening might not be the best option and why I am introducing Teenage Responsive Listening as a concept: how do the two styles impact on the conversation?

  • Communication Currency: what are you willing to ‘spend’ to maximize conversations.  What to stress about and what not. Reassessing YOUR boundaries for the greater good.

This is the period where we show we are invested in supporting, nurturing and role modeling how to be a good listener and allow your teen a safe supportive space to learn how to communicate effectively with you . In a short time, those attributes may start being reflected back at you. Imagine if one day your teen asked permission to respond rather than just yell at you?


Your homework for tonight is to list 10 things your teen likes to talk to you about (could be harder than your think…) and to have a go at deciding your communication currency chart. As always, head to the facebook page and use the hashtag #TeenTalkListening to join the conversation on Day Three.

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