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Below are some resources available if you are seeking more information on raising teens.

I am proud to align myself with the product and services. 



Parents Teens Kids

Catherine Burns (BEd) 0401 672 712

Catherine’s focus is to give young people and their families the tools and confidence to achieve success in a balanced, self-directed life they love.


By developing personal responsibility, goal-setting, self-regulation, conflict resolution, empathy, time and stress management, study skills and workplace practices, including presentation and interview skills, Catherine will support you and your child or young adult to be the best they can be.

"I was impressed by Catherine's easy understanding of the issues facing the young people she worked with. Her advice and counsel have been invaluable to me. I thoroughly recommend her services." - LH, Social Worker, Adelaide

"A solid grounding in all things sex, love and pleasure gives you a solid grounding in your future relationships, your sense of self-esteem and self-respect, your body confidence, and your happiness.”



For Foxes Sake, the ultimate sex-ed book written by the awesome self proclaimed

Sex Fairy Godmother Rowena Murray. From the very first page I was laughing and loving Rowena’s casual engaging dialogue. The writing style is first person conversational and the reader is endeared to Rowena very quickly through her very personal, sassy, honest and call it how it is style.

The thing that struck me with this brilliant book is that it is certainly honest and ‘insightful’ even for parents: especially for parents! Rowena states her book is written for young teenage girls, however I feel that the book is suited to a girl who is sexually active, not necessarily age determined. There are a few topics where I found myself thinking “Ooo! Do I really want my teen knowing let alone reading about this topic?” which got me thinking...

To purchase your copy of For Foxes' Sake 

 click this link

Everyone needs a sex fairy godmother. That person who you can talk to about sex, drugs, rock n roll and how to find the perfect shade of red lipstick. She’s loved, she’s lived, and she knows what she’s talking about. She may not always be popular with parents but she’s always there for her girls. She’s got your welfare in mind and gives darn smart advice

A family lifestyle publication for parents of children aged 8-18. Avery informs, inspires and entertains as you navigate your way through this brave new world of modern parenting.

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