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Everyone needs a sex fairy godmother. That person who you can talk to about sex, drugs, rock n roll and how to find the perfect shade of red lipstick. She’s loved, she’s lived, and she knows what she’s talking about. She may not always be popular with parents but she’s always there for her girls. She’s got your welfare in mind and gives darn smart advice

For Foxes' Sake, the ultimate sex-ed book written by the awesome self proclaimed

Sex Fairy Godmother Rowena Murray. From the very first page I was laughing and loving Rowena’s casual engaging dialogue. The writing style is first person conversational and the reader is endeared to Rowena very quickly through her very personal, sassy, honest and call it how it is style.

The thing that struck me with this brilliant book is that it is certainly honest and ‘insightful’ even for parents: especially for parents! Rowena states her book is written for young teenage girls, however I feel that the book is suited to a girl who is sexually active, not necessarily age determined. There are a few topics where I found myself thinking “Ooo! Do I really want my teen knowing let alone reading about this topic?” which got me thinking...

The question is not what we want our teens to know about, it is how we are comfortable with them finding out stuff like this? Rowena does not have kids; she is upfront about that, and in any other situation that would be an immediate red flag for me. How can someone who hasn’t got kids know how to talk to teens about this sort of thing? Well in this case, it works in her favour: she is not inhibited by being a parent. As parents we have this automatic (denial) filter of what we want our kids to be exposed to and what we don’t. The reality is that we have no control over it! Rowena clearly and cohesively presents facts and some pretty downright awesome advice on many things that us parents would almost choke trying to say (and our teens would ignore because it came from us!)

Row has produced a book that is the perfect conversation starter. I would recommend that every parent read this book before they give to their daughters. Be warned, there are certainly bits that might freak you out. I am pretty liberal and accepting of all things sex, but even I learnt a few things! But it cleverly begs the question: how would you want your teen to find out about these things? I can tell you, there is no way I would be able to have a face to face conversation about the realities of anal sex or fisting with even my drunk friends let alone my daughter. But we as parents cannot avoid that these are things that our teens are wanting/needing to know about. So, are you happy for your teen to find out the ‘facts’ via their friends, or the Internet, or by the educated, well informed, factual Sex Fairy Godmother Rowena?

I know my preferred option! #SexFairyGodmother

One of the best things about this book is the ever-present clear message of maintaining self-respect. Your body, your choices, your responsibility to be stay SMART! The message is loud and clear: if you are going to do something, then stay smart about it. It is the kind of message that every sexually active teenage girl needs to hear. I would strongly suggest encouraging your 18-22 year old daughter to read it too if you have teens in that age group. Is it suitable for a teenage girl of 14 who isn’t sexually active? No I don’t think so. Is it suitable for an 18 year-old virgin – possibly not - maybe? As I said to my son when he advised me he was sexually active (after I died and cried a little), the act of having sex brings you into the adult world, with adult responsibilities. This book is all about those adult responsibilities. It covers everything from online dating, slut shaming, sexual preferences, healthy body image, to breaking up and how not to be a bitch about it.

For Foxes Sake is the best, unfiltered, comprehensive sex-ed book out there. It’s agenda is to empower a girl to have enough information to make ‘good choices’ for her. You must read it first, and if you need to flag with your daughter to NOT try and discuss chapter 43 then so be it! But by reading it first, it can also be a great way to initiate conversations with your teen that otherwise would be a bit full on to start on your own. In Row’s words: “A solid grounding in all things sex, love and pleasure gives you a solid grounding in your future relationships, your sense of self-esteem and self-respect, your body confidence, and your happiness.” Isn’t that what we want for our young adults?

I loved it! xx

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