Below is a collection of articles I have written about the trials and tribulations of parenting teens. Each one has elements relevent to the themes highlighted by Talking Teens. I have not gone with the cliche topics such as 'sex', 'drugs' etc as those are symptoms of what is currenlty going on with your teen. That doesn't mean that sex, drugs and so forth are not  

Doesn't everyone write whilst drinking tea and wearing a cranberry face mask?

discussed, they are, however in the attempt to think differently about how we parent. I am challenging parents to think beyond these cliches and ask themselves - have you ever said "it's like talking to a wall!"? If so, then you will get far more out of exploring the articles related to that topic than just reading about Effective Communication 101. Kids are not textbook bound remember.

The articles are meant to relate to you, not to dictate to you. Empathy and affiliation will be far more useful. 

So, choose the theme you interests you and have a read; know that you are not going crazy (well at least you are not alone in going crazy). I hope you enjoy! 

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