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Meaningful Motherhood podcast - Interviewed by Sarah from Bloom Wellbeing 4 December 2017

Episode Notes

Don't be fooled by the title - this episode is, in fact, suitable for parents of children of all ages!

In this episode, I’m chatting with Jo Bainbridge of Talking Teens. Jo is a writer, speaker, and mother of three teenagers. Her website, Taking Teens was borne from her observations that so many parents fear the teen stage or feel unsupported, overwhelmed or lost. And while she agrees that the teen stage can be very challenging, Jo is on a mission to provide parents of teens with thought-provoking, practical, common-sense and caring information, with a healthy dose of laughs to boot.

In this conversation we chat about:

* Why so many parents are wary, or terrified even, of parenting teenagers

* How effective parenting of teenagers begins in the early years of parenthood

* How many of the strategies you need as a parent of a teenager and quite similar to those of younger children

* Why communication is so important - and actually THE most important part of parenting 

* The importance for you as the parent to be in a good space to effectively work through what can be a very challenging stage. 

Wholehearted Parenting interview - Interviewed by Deanne from Gratitudeworks 1 December 2017

Wholehearted Parenting: Supporting resilient, confident and purpose-driven teens.

Deanne has invited me and over 21 other thought leaders (many of whom are parents, but not all) to share our very best practices and insights so that you have the inner strength to work through your fears, lead your teen from the HEART, and learn to trust yourself as a parent.

Through this interview series you’ll discover

How to be responsive to your teen, not reactive
How to trust your intuition about how to best parent your teen (despite what all your friends and family are telling you)
How to powerfully connect with your teen even when they’re pushing you away
How to see the conflict you have with your teen as an opportunity for growth (theirs AND yours)
How to step back so your child can solve their own problems
How to reinvent your relationship with your teen as they grow into adults.

Adelaide ABC radio - Interviewed by Ali Clarke 28 Aug 2017

Ali was a little surprised, I would say gob-smacked, that high school students are ordering Uber-Eats to deliver food at school. Mine have tried and failed. One school has gone to the trouble of banning the practice for security reasons. And to be honest, having a stranger turn up at a high school is not really the smartest thing. But is this practice really a new thing? I mean, teens have never liked what mum packs into a lunchbox. We use to sneak out of school to head to the local milk bar for a lunch we could probably actually buy at the canteen: but it was fun, exciting, breaking the rules, and seemed like such a grown-up thing to do. I think if your teen is doing this, perhaps a calm conversation about the safety element and maybe ask if they actually like the vegemite and cheese sandwich cut into triangles really wets their appetite at lunch? Perhaps get them involved in preparing their own lunches: Uber-adulting!

Adelaide ABC radio - Interviewed by Jules Schiller 09 May 2017

Jules' daughter turned 13 today and he was seeking some support about how he can cope with the challenges of this new stage of parenting. It was a bit of a shock to him that his daughter no longer considered him cool and only answers using one-word replies these days! We discuss, light heartedly, the trials and tribulations of the early teens!

Adelaide ABC radio - Interviewed by Ali Clarke 10 May 2016

Apparently South Australia is the only state in Australia that does not have any legislation around

under-aged drinking in private homes. The ‘powers that be’ are reviewing this as we speak and I was asked to make a comment.  Apparently, if the new legislation comes into effect, the lack of individual permission from every under-age teen in attendance would have still left me liable for a fine up to $10,000.


Off air I posed the question of when my responsibilities actually ended – when the kids left the party;

the next morning? What happens if they drank before they attended the party? And exactly HOW do you get permission from each parent? What happens if the parents are no longer together and one says yes but the other says no?

Adelaide ABC radio - Interviewed by Ali Clarke 12 Feb 2016

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed on Adelaide’s ABC radio in Feb 2016 with the lovely Ali Clarke.  I think I may have upset a few listeners with the odd swear word (ops!) but I think it summed up what Talking Teens is all about, a different way to approach parenting teens. Hope you enjoy! 

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