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Talking Teens Jo Bainbridge parenting teenagers

Raising teenagers is the BEST stage of parenting!

It might not be what some parents think, especially if the thought of raising teens evokes scenes of eye-rolling, attitude, frustrations, fights, and scary stuff like sex/drugs and rock'n'roll. Yeah, sure that can all happen, but there is a whole lot of great stuff too. If you have the right mindset and the odd cheat sheet, the teenage stage is fun, insightful and incredibly satisfying. There is so much you will learn about yourself ...if you have the right mindset.

Many of us fear the teenage stage. We fear who or what they will become; we fear what could happen to them, and we fear they'll do what we did at their age. But I'm here to to tell you, FEAR should not dictate how you approach and grow through this stage.      (Read more >>>)

Jo Bainbridge Talking Teens teenagers parenting teens tweens advice support


Welcome to Talking Teens with Jo Bainbridge.

Below is a selection of common topics that parents of teens often struggle with. Everyone is unique and so will be your situation with your teen. Select a topic that resonates with you and we will explore things further, look at the information out there, share useful advice, and find solace in knowing you are not alone.

Raising Teens Parenting teenagers Teens are awesome

Talking Teens offer thought-provoking, practical and common-sense information and suggestions for dealing with the most common everyday concerns of parents of tween/teens. Not pie in the sky stuff!

I have based the articles, e-courses and information on Talking Teens from personal experience, learning the hard way (often), and exploring as many resources and 'expert' opinions as possible. A lot - a lot of what I write about is focused on the lessons I have learnt about myself and this has helped me be a better parent. Too often the attitude is to change or control the teen, but this direction will certainly end badly. It is not all doom and gloom. Many of us are actually seeking information on the everyday things: learning to drive; the first job; first love; first heart break; the list could be huge! I can not wait until the Members Section is launched! Woo Hoo! 

I hope you find what you are looking for in the topics below x

Sex Drugs

& Alcohol​

It is freaking ME out!

The teen stage can be rough, know how to support your teen

#10Days2TeenTalk E-Course

Communication is key! 

#10Days2TeenTalk is designed to improve your communication with your tween or teen.


Designed for those with not a whole lot of free time, it will suit even the busiest parent. 

Do it ! I did and it opened my eyes and changed my way of treating my kiddies that are actually my young adults in the making. (Mel, mum of three)



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teens are awesome Jo Bainbridge Talking Teens teenagers parenting tweens advice support
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