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When I write, there is usually an editor somewhere who says "Jo, sorry but you can't say that using those words"...spoil sports! But when speaking direct to people I can be a little more 'me' and call things as I see them. On stage I bring abstract concepts that may seen a little weird and have you asking yourself, 'where is she going with this?' but the penny drops and you are left with an 'ah-ha!' moment. 


Humorous, insightful, authentic and not always politically correct, we will explore lots of things you may not have considered and often ones that you already know deep down but have not been given 'permission' to consider. (Why do we always seem to think we need permission?)  


If you would like to see me speak, please register your interest using the form below. Please indicate what topics you would be interested in hearing a talk based on and where you are located.


Details of upcoming talks will be advertised soon; until then I will contact you direct and let you know! If you would like to invite me to talk at your event, please also register your interest.  Terms and conditions apply. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Jo x

Jo Bainbridge Talking Teens parenting support

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Great to hear from you! Be in touch soon x

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