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@talkingteens Facebook page is an open forum where I share insights into the trials and tribulations my teens put me through (some call it sharing the pain?), where I explore trending items of interest and challenge norms. It is also a forum where I share the exciting developments of Talking Teens resources. Why not join me? If you are already a fan, please feel welcome to share with your friends - especially those with tweens (they will thank you!) 


OK, so Talking Teens relatively new to Insta...but I LOVE IT! If your teen has said something or done something 'meme' worthy, drop me a line and I will immortalize it for you! (can be anonymous if you must!) 


Who doesn't enjoy wasting hour after hour pinning meals you will never cook, pinning craft you will never do and pinning decor/decorating ideas that you will never do? Ahh, Pinterest really is my favourite 'go to'. The Talking Teens

Pinterest account is my indulgent social platform. I hope you join me x  


Clearly, I need more followers! 

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