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Better than Bacon!

I caught up with a friend the other day over coffee and we were chatting about our teens, as mothers tend to do. She started complaining about her teen sleeping until lunchtime on the weekends. It appeared that it was really stressing her out. I was a little confused as mine do the same thing and I don’t see it as a problem. Maybe she noticed my look of confusion as she asked me what I do when my kids sleep in. My reply? Have great morning sex of course! Not sure if she spilt her coffee with shock or laughter, perhaps both?

Seriously, is there a better time when there is a guarantee that your teen won't be conscious? After a lifetime (their lifetime) of coitus interuptus, it is your parental right to take any chance you get! We go to bed exhausted pretty much every night and even if we wanted to get it on, the knowledge of the kids being awake in the next room is kind of a killjoy. After years of not even contemplating a sleep in let alone morning sex due to the kids being up at the crack of dawn, getting a bit of loving had never even crossed my mind.

One morning however I made a joke that not even the smell of bacon could arouse them; and like an earth shattering ka-boom! I put two and two together! No, not bacon and arousal, (although it would be a very good guess), here was a golden opportunity people! Instead of getting out of bed and starting the weekend with breakfast, house cleaning, and all that boring dull grown-up parent stuff, we had lazy indulgent morning sex. Morning sex! Remember that from the Life BC (before children)? Awesome!

My suggestion to all parents is to take a potentially negative situation, which in all honesty isn’t a serious issue, and turn it into a positive! So often we can get hung-up about the small things and even make them into big things. I strongly suggest pressing pause on some situations and instead of seeing only a problem, try having a different perspective and perhaps what you will see is a positive! The sleeping until after midday won’t last forever, and if it does they probably would have moved out by that stage.

As parents, we willingly give up so much for our kids and there are sometimes when the universe offers us the perfect ‘thanks' ~ Next time your teenagers are still in the land of Nod, how about sneaking back to bed for a bit of nooky, you deserve it!

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