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One  on  One

So you have read a few articles, and maybe even watched a talk or two. Perhaps you dig what I have to say (thanks!) and feel you want to have a personal chat about where you are with your teen or your soon-to-be teen. Then let's have a catch up.
I offer one-on-one coaching sessions to assist you to be in the best place for the teenage stage, so it doesn't become a nightmare for you or your teen.

Coaching can be in person or via skype. As a certified life and business coach, I have combined elements of both areas to form a surprisingly relevant coaching system to assist parents of teens. With a refreshing and uncomplicated viewpoint, the parent coaching will leave you feeling less isolated and more centred in how you want your relationship to be.
Coaching is a limited service, so please fill in the registration form below to see if we can catch up. It could be once, it could be ongoing. No 'lock in' periods. 


Looking forward to hearing from you.  Jo x  

Talking Teens Jo Bainbridge parenting coach

Register your interest below

Great to hear from you! I will be in touch soon x

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