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Parenting Prac E-Courses 

I have developed a number of Parenting Pracs (E-courses) that targets some of the more common concerns of raising teens. The pracs are designed to be run over a period of time, between 5 and 10 days, and require you to participate in a few fun activities, do some self-evaluation and learn a little more about how and why things are as they are with teenagers. Work at your own pace (you can take longer than ten days if you like). 


Once enrolled in a Parenting Prac, you will join a closed community of other parents who are seeking support and suggestions in raising, surviving and ENJOYING the teenage stage. The new 'old' parents group! 


The first prac is #10Days2TeenTalk.  That is right!   A 10 day course that costs you nothing but your time, how awesome.  


I hope you enjoy!


Wow, Jo! 
Thanks for creating this course. It's been a great opportunity to rethink just how effective our communication is in our home. Our kids are so different and your tips have helped us become more aware of how to best talk to them as individuals - one size does not fit all in this house!! 
It's also been great as a tool to share with my partner and get us on the same page when it comes to parenting - no more mixed messages.....
Thanks again for providing a 'go to' resource for the minefield of parenting teens without the fluff and perfection..... 
#teentalk #teentalkperspective #talkingteens

If you have tweens or teens this course will definitely help you communicate with them and give you a different perspective of how to listen to their needs.

Do it ! I did and it opened my eyes and changed my way of treating my kiddies that are actually my young adults in the making.


Get more than eye rolls and attitude from your teen/tween!

Thanks for wanting to take part in the #10Days2TeenTalk Parenting Prac.

It’s good to have you on board. Over the 10 days, you’ll be exploring the nature of communication with your teen. You’ll learn how teens choose to listen and interact with parents. You’ll also spend some time looking at yourself and how you can communicate better. So buckle up. This is going to fun.

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#10DaysFromAdversary2Awesome      Improving your relationship


  Identity Exploration & Acceptance

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  Coping with Everything!


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  Adults In Training

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Please note: registering interest does not commit you to purchase of any courses. Registered interest parties will be notified of prices, packages, and availability.  
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