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Want to reconnect with your teen?

Restart the conversation today

#10Days2TeenTalk is an E-course designed to assist you in how best to understand how to communicate with your teen. In just ten days you will have a direct positive impact on the effectiveness of your communication.

The course explores strategies, communication concepts, hints, tips, and techniques to get you on the same page as your teen.

#10Days2TeenTalk is composed of a daily email over ten days, worksheets, and the occasional cocktail recipe, as well as a closed Facebook group.  And the best bit - you can take your time doing the course as well as be able to access it time and time again.


How to get teenagers to talk. Tips to improving conversations with your teenager. #10Days2TeenTalk

but what if I need more?

what about those difficult conversations?



Talking Teens presents the ultimate E-Book  for enabling even the most difficult conversation. 

From the sensitive to the disciplinary, 

we have you covered with strategies, 

suggestions, and tips from the experts! 


Want the full scope of mastering conversations with your tween/teens?

Then why not bundle the two together?

For a special price of $30, you can get the

E-Course & the Difficult Conversations E-Book.

A small investment for such a crucial element to raising happy healthy teens!

Buy Now! 


Combination Offer!

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