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You up for a challenge? Part 1

Before you start having a rant at your teenager about their phone usage I challenge you to have a good look at your own dependence on phones and screens. To avoid an awkward and hypocritical situation, it is best to know where you stand with your phone. I challenge you to purposely leave your phone at home for a day. No excuses.


What are the arguments that are popping into your head right now? Can you write them down? How do you feel about not having a phone for a day? Record on your list the feelings going through your head.


Now throw the list in the bin because it doesnt matter, you need to leave your phone at home for a full day! The point of the exercise is for you to experience the same thought processes as your teen will if/when you demand they do the same.  Use this as a guide to implement empathy for your teen. Plus, if you can't possibly not have your phone, then you have no right to demand your teen do the same. 


OK, part 2 of the challenge to to see in black and white what your and your teens usage of the phone actually is! Before you start - what do you think is the app/platform you have used most in the last 24 hours? What about the last 7 days?


In your settings (based on Iphone not android, but should be very similar), you will find the 'battery' tab. If you click on that you will see the Battery Percentage information. This is where you will see what apps you have used and what the total amounts of time used with each app. Take a screenshot and share it on the Talking Teens Parenting Prac group - I DARE YOU! 

Now, ask your teen to do the same. Lets us know what the results were. If you spend more time on Facebook than your teen then guess what....?  It is also a 'fun' (covert) way to find out what apps your teen is using.

You up for a challenge? Part 2

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